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Austin Welcomes 2 Dual Credit Instructors

Austin High School has two new dual credit instructors this year. Kennith Bowling and Rusty Jones will join our eight other teachers, who offer dual credit courses to more than 100 students at Austin HS, as well as our numerous professors on loan, who teach our Academy classes to students earning an associate degree from Ivy Tech.

Mr. Bowling is leading two Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing courses. These classes will allow students to explore an additional pathway at Austin HS. Completion of the courses can result in dual credits as well as certifications that will benefit students as they transition from high school to the workforce.

Mr. Jones is teaching a Quantitative Reasoning math class that is currently offered to juniors and seniors. Including this course in our master schedule allows more students to pursue the Statewide Transfer General Education Core (STGEC) and/or an associate degree via Ivy Tech, which provide yet another pathway for students who are pursuing a variety of post-secondary plans.

Our other dual credit instructors are Wanda Aldridge, Brenda Altamirano, Jason Hougland, Elizabeth Ostertag, Rick Rigel, Nancy Stearns, Katie Tiemeyer, and Euleda Turner.  These instructors, along with our 14 other faculty members, administrators, counselors, and support staff provide an exceptional educational experience for our students.